Beyond Nebraska's Prairies

To many, Nebraska conjures an image of flat prairies, stretching to the horizon. But tucked in a north-central patch of the state is the Niobrara River Valley, filled with wildlife, rolling hills and waterfalls.

Swapping Land for a Road to Somewhere Divides Alaskans

ANCHORAGE - Among the many bills Congress is considering before it recesses for the November elections is a proposed land swap between the State of Alaska and the federal government that would allow a gravel road to be built through a remote national wildlife refuge.

Myanmar Writhes in the Grip of Its Junta

YANGON, Myanmar - A year ago, Myanmar's police and military stormed the streets of this moldy, crumbling city and began a deadly crackdown on thousands of Buddhist monks protesting sharp rises in the price of food and fuel. Now the country's ruling generals are steeling themselves for a reprise.

To Fans, Older Stadiums Feel Like Home

The best way to illustrate the scope of revolution in ballpark design is to look at the playoff series between the Cubs and the Dodgers, whose stadiums are the two oldest in the National League.